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Here you can without problems unlock and Reset the Android smartphone if you forgot your smartphone password or pattern lock or PIN. Please examine carefully all methods one by one to Hard Reset and unlock your Android smartphone.

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Right here, you may without difficulty unlock and reset your Android mobile if you forgot your smartphone password or pattern lock or PIN. Please read cautiously all methods one by one to unlock your Android smartphone.

There are different methods to unlock your smartphone which include the hard reset method, unlock with Google find my device, Android multi tools, Google security questions, Google account, factory reset.


We can help you reset your Password, face lock, and pattern lock or PIN at no cost. You also can unlock your device without losing data like media files and contacts. We aren’t responsible for data loss

Devices with Unlock Methods

  • Android Phones
  • Windows Phones
  • Windows PC or Laptop
  • iPhones
  • Blackberry Phones
  • Keypad Phones
  • Routers etc

Hard Reset

A hard reset is also referred to as a master reset or factory reset. This method is used to reset your smartphone when you forget your password or pattern lock, and this method additionally can be applied when you’re selling your mobile, to remove all of your information and accounts. After performing this operation, your smartphone will be as new as simply come from the factory.

Hard Reset


Earlier than hard reset, Backup your data and remove the SD card and SIM cards from the smartphone, and the battery should be fully charged.

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Android Multi Tools Download The Latest Version

Are you searching out the latest version of Android Multi-tools? Read the entire documentation of Android Multi-tools and download it without cost from our website.

Right here is the entire guide about Android Multi tools. And Multi-tools the latest version and drivers without cost download. With these tools, you can without problems reset and unlock your Android mobile.

Android Multi-tools are used to reset and unlock any Android smartphone without a password. You can additionally reset the password, pattern lock, PIN, gesture lock, and face lock. Android Multi-tools are very easy to use. Its user-friendly interface makes it smooth for all people to use. Follow the simple steps to learn how to use Android Multi tools.

These tools were now not developed or created by the official Android team. You can perform a hard reset manually without using this software.

With Android Multi Tools, you can

  • Reset Face/PIN lock
  • Reset Face/Gesture lock
  • Reset Gmail
  • Wipe Data
  • Reboot
  • Wipe data/cache on fast boot mode
  • Software and Hardware info