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Are you searching out the latest version of Android Multi-tools? read the entire documentation of Android Multi-tools and download it without cost from our website.

right here is the entire guide about Android Multi tools. And Multi-tools latest version and drivers without cost download. With these tools, you can without problems reset and unlock your Android mobile.

Android Multi-tools are used to reset and unlock any Android smartphone without a password. you can additionally reset the password, pattern lock, PIN, gesture lock, and facelock. Android Multi-tools are very easy to use. Its user-friendly interface makes it smooth for all people to use. follow the simple steps to learn how to use Android Multi tools.

these tools were now not developed or created by the official Android team. you can perform a hard reset manually without using this software.

With Android Multi Tools, you can

  • Reset Face/PIN lock
  • Reset Face/Gesture lock
  • Reset Gmail
  • Wipe Data
  • Reboot
  • Wipe data/cache on fast boot mode
  • Software and Hardware info

System Requirements

You need to have the following system requirements to use this software.

  • Pc with windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Active internet connection to download Android devices.
  • Mobile USB cable.
  • Android smartphone drivers need to be connected through USB.
  • Check Device: This option is used to check the status of devices. If you want to check if your device is connected to your PC, use this option to check.
  • Reset Face / Pin Lock: If you have devices locked with password or pin lock. Use this option to reset the Pin or password lock.
  • Reset Face / Gesture Lock: Use this option to remove the sample lock from your Android device.
  • Reset Gmail: this selection will reset the forgotten Gmail account from your Android device.
  • Wipe data: If you want to delete all data from your device, select this option to clear the data.
  • Reboot: Reboot your device with a single click. This option reboots your device with a single click.
  • Check the device in fastboot mode: If you want to check your Android device in fastboot mode, select this option. It checks your device in fastboot mode.
  • Wipe data/cache in fastboot mode: ‘This option will clear all data or cache in fastboot mode.
  • Exit Fastboot Mode: If you want to exit Fastboot mode, select this option. This may exit your device from fastboot mode.
  • Go to Command Prompt: If you want to go to the command prompt, this tool allows you to go there with a single click.
  • Software Info: If you want to check your device’s software information, select this option to check your device’s software information.

Download Android Multi Tools

Download Android Multi tools

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